Publication & Presentation Tracker

This is a demonstration of a project tracking and reporting app for businesses, academic departments and labs, and NGO's. The app provides an easy way to keep track of deliverables for clients, grant providers, or administrations. Readily available summaries of past projects and other deliverables (workshops, presentations, etc.) will not only make reporting progress easier, it will also enable you to recruit better candidates and compete for grants and contracts through up-to-date, professional productivity reports.

I have preloaded the demo with a number of potential outputs for a group of researchers as a place to start, and the input form works (items are not saved once you leave the site). You can view and download figures and tables summarizing the projects based on lead author, additional authors, time range, or product type. A finished app would include a 'Download Report' button to generate a pre-formatted PDF that incorporates the selected figures and tables into a custom report. You can see an example of this at